Where Do I Begin??

My face is red and I’m staring at the carpet in my office.  Somehow I have managed to let MONTHS go by without posting a blog.  I truly am embarrassed.  My last one was in May and I was sitting on GO with half a million blog ideas for the future.  I was starting to get into a rhythm with this blog stuff and was starting to really enjoy writing them. You all had been kind, receptive, and even encouraging.  But then one thing led to another…summer arrived…a mission trip to Peru in July…school started back…Mom and Mom-in-law injured…pastor stuff…life…another trip to Peru…a mean stomach bug (from Peru)…and now it’s late October…and I’m trying to remember how to write a blog post all over again.  Good job Mark…sigh.

I have about 2.852 million things going on today, but I have decided today is THE DAY to start writing again.  I mean you have to start somewhere, right?  I’ve grown up hearing, “Today is the day!!” and “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!!” and a few other similar expressions which call for action NOW.  The problem with all this stuff is shuffling around all the guilt about the time that I allowed to pass…time wasted…my own failures directly tied to the lapsed time.

I have to believe this time-wasted issue and putting a new emphasis on “today” is not a new thing for any of us.  We all put off things.  We all make commitments with the most devout intentions…only to let something, someone, or a combination of the two to derail our plans.  Time passes…guilt builds up…and there you are…stuck.  Sound familiar?  Sounds too familiar to me.

Perhaps it is a good time to remind us this happens spiritually too.  In our relationship with Christ, opportunities abound to jump on board with projects and schemes.  With little effort, you can commit to come, go, and do and find yourself well behind the eight ball without even trying.  Then life comes along, stuff happens, the unexpected…the coming, going, and doing come to a grinding halt…and yet you have pending commitments that call for more.

This would all be so depressing if it were not for a gift God has given us in His grace.  I call it a “clean slate.”  You might know it better as a “fresh start.”  The Bible calls it “today.”  In the big scheme of things, me writing or not writing a blog has little value.  But our lives are filled with things that do matter…things that impact our lives and the lives of others.  Most importantly, our lives highlight and display where we stand with God.  The Christian life calls for daily “death,” daily cross-bearing…all with unwavering perseverance…a tall order indeed.  His plan is that we start today…now.  He gives us that rite.  Broken promises, unfulfilled commitments, and failures to keep up are human traits.  Our God is faithful, forgiving, and loving.  Remember that…always.

I have confessed much in this blog.  My frailties are ever before me, you, and the Lord.  I chose to start writing today.  A little thing…but a real thing.  What things have you put off?  What commitments have you not honored?  What areas of your life have taken a hit in your service to God because life keeps getting in the way?  Start fresh…you can do that.  As a child of God, He gives you today to start over.  Make the most of it.  Stay classy Monticello!  🙂

One thought on “Where Do I Begin??

  1. Thank you. That really helped me today. Especially the part that says He loves us no matter what. We are all guilty of human frailties and I needed to be reminded that He always loves us.


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