Sin #5: Gluttony/Coveting

This particular sin takes us a back a spell.  As a little boy I had no idea what Moses was going on about in the 9th commandment, “thou shalt not covet.”  But in time the word was explained and the reality of it soon became evident.  In short, it’s wanting what others have.  No longer content with what you have, your eyes are drawn to someone else’s life and belongings to the point of desire.  Gluttony conveys a similar idea in that you can’t have enough…ever…to be content.  So you continue down a path of desiring more and more to satisfy a thirst that can never be quenched.  (Sinning the whole time as you are telling God He’s let you down)

Though all humanity struggles terribly  with this sin it would seem Americans who live in such a land of plenty are especially guilty.  It is now quite normal to “want” things.  New cars, homes, clothes, gadgets, and gizmos are there for the wanting.  It has become quite normal in American life to post our new things online for all to see.  As the pics go out, others are seeing the pics and asking why these new toys couldn’t be theirs instead.

But what about the church?  What about the Scriptural mandates on contentment and gratitude?  This list, if you remember, contains sins that Christians are starting to ignore…but can’t afford to do any longer.  Right on the heels of this particular sin comes another string of words that gives a better perspective:  Silly debt (debt for toys and gadgets we don’t need and truthfully couldn’t afford), Pride (ego, keeping up with the Jones), and Appearance (trying to impress others instead of being grateful for what the Lord has, in fact, provided for us).  A former professor of mine once said of this sin, “It’s really a sin in which we tell God what He’s done (and doing) for us is not good enough.”

What really convicts me in writing about this particular sin is how common it really is…all around us…everywhere.  It’s as though these things are now socially accepted in culture and no one seems to be offended by it or ashamed of it…even Christians.  It would seem gone are the days where we “count your blessings.” See what I’m sayin?  This directly impacts our relationship with God and our relationships with other people.  If we allow ourselves to embrace culture’s position on this subject we will quickly be out of sync in our walk with Christ.

May God help us to be grateful and thankful people.  May God help us to focus on what we have as opposed to what we don’t have.  It is possible for us to truly care and be concerned for people without coveting who they are or what they have.  It’s a pretty safe bet that culture will keep changing here in our country.  The very word “sin” means almost nothing to many.  But God’s people are to live in light of His word.  One heavy thought weighs on me as I sit here typing:  If I can’t trust God with His care for me now in this life…how realistic is it that I can trust Him with my eternal destiny?

Much to think about and pray over…let’s do that together!

Blessings to all.  Thanks again Monticello.  🙂




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