An Honest Celebrity?

At 52 years old, I no longer shock easily. Having seen and heard just about “everything,” it takes something from the rings of Saturn to stop me in my tracks these days. But that very thing happened to me this morning. Not only did I come to a complete stop…I actually smiled. That NEVER happens…but yet it did today. Before I tell you what I stumbled across, I need to come clean about my recent moods. The political climate of the last several months has left scars on all of us. We no longer have to deal with merely tense elections and passionate players…we have disgraced ourselves and have become a country that hates anyone who would even dare think of disagreeing with us. The donkeys hate the elephants and the blue would not hand the red a cup of water if it was on fire. Not only is this the norm in 2020, it is now part of the fabric of our lives…kids and all. No longer are we interested in issues…we are interested in ourselves…and whoever can promise to give me more of me gets the vote. Case closed. The majority of Americans are prepared to vote today in the next election…and the one after that. It doesn’t really matter who the candidate is…we are anchored in.

What I find most interesting is not just how we now process information…but where we go to find it. In times past, we turned to the media for info. Older folks I’m sure remember Walter Cronkite closing out his newscast with the infamous words, “And that’s the way it is.” That is a thing of the past. The so-called trustworthy media now is not concerned about information…they are concerned about power and direction. To achieve this, they are willing to say just about anything to convince us they are the sole possessors of truth…and what’s more, they are the only ones who care about the nation. In recent days, I’ve come to loathe all the big guys in the media wars. I no longer watch CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, FOX, and most of the rest. These days, I usually look at apps on my phone that are lesser known than the big guys…but they seem much more credible. Baptist Press, Kentucky Today, and few other sources have become my go-to stop for truth. The arrogance and condescension of the Brian Stelters and the Nancy Graces of the world turns my stomach. Reporting news used to be a fine art…something that was beneficial to us all. These days, it is wealthy Monday morning quarterbacks talking about what should have happened…instead of what has actually happened. They get to look like angels in the process…since they’re not on the front lines nor do their hands get dirty. It’s a great gig really. Just take the actions and words of others…put them under a microscope…and then launch the assault. It’s a win every time. Most of these folks should really be shown on the Comedy Channel. They get to use their position to move the rudder and accomplish whatever it is they think should be done…or believed. Before you throw your phone in the yard, please know I’m not condemning every person in the media. I’m sure there’s a few out there with some good intentions…or at least I’m trying to believe that’s the case. But I’ve lost faith in 95% of the whole lot.

But we mustn’t fret…we also have other sources we turn to when we need information and direction. Hollywood celebrities and pro athletes are now fountains of wisdom for life-saving input. This is really what my blog is about. For years, I have watched our nation feed off of these guys. Politics, abortion, theology, gun control, family, health, human sexuality, fashion, life goals, child-rearing…and a few hundred million other subjects are issues important to us all. Somewhere along the way we started to believe these guys had all the answers. In turn, they started to believe they had the answers…and the right to speak on all these subjects with weighty voices. To call this bizarre is an understatement. It is actually crazy…coupled with a teaspoon of dumb. I’m not saying these guys can’t or shouldn’t have opinions and views on the world scene. But to believe their respective thoughts are more important than the school teacher or mechanic is laughable…and to form an approach to life from such a lot is ludicrous.

This morning…I was pleasantly surprised to read that Kurt Russell (yes…that Kurt Russell) actually addressed the silliness of the whole system. The headline read, “Kurt Russell says actors should avoid sharing political views.” In the article itself, he says, “We are court jesters.” In other words, he confessed he is an actor…period. Hollywood entertains…plain and simple. Of course, the Hollywood crowd has every right to have opinions about the issues of the day. It is certainly not a crime to have an opinion. Russell is a member of the Hollywood elite and has been for years. To hear such a blatantly truthful statement from someone within the elite circle is a rare thing. I have no doubt a very non-small handful of celebs just moved Russell into the Hate column. But his point is valid, is it not? Why turn to an actor for information as important as presidential elections and a host of other things to get at truth? It doesn’t make sense. He said as much. Ironically, as I sit here typing, I noticed on my tablet, the headline has been removed…not surprising since Hollywood doesn’t like hearing truth that didn’t originate with them. Kurt’s headline is now buried with the other sub-stories. I’m thinking Google got a phone call, text, or an email that demanded a change of headlines, lest Hollywood’s adoring fans get the opportunity to really think about the blasphemy of Russell. Hollywood needs fans to survive. If Russell draws attention to the fact that actors are people who work in an entertainment arena and are not qualified to address the issues they have immersed themselves in, the fallout would be horrific. People might actually start thinking for themselves…and that cannot be allowed to happen. We need our omniscient heroes…and they need to be needed.

I find myself wanting to thank Kurt Russell for his honesty. It’s not often you hear something like this from the west coast. Truth is, I’m still smiling….someone actually said what many have been thinking. It doesn’t take guts to make a statement like that…it’s takes humility. Kinda cool to see it…since it’s about as rare a sight as Bigfoot.

As a Baptist pastor trying to learn and lead through these crazy days, I find myself thankful for the breath of fresh air. I’m fairly certain Russell will hear about it from a few of the other millionaires. They don’t like being equated with the other humans. I guess my prayer is that maybe a few of the superstars will remember what they really are at the end of the day. I’m also praying America will start paying attention to what she is becoming. Politicians, celebrities, and athletes are with us to stay. But they can only lead us if we are willing to follow. Christians have made a commitment to follow the LORD…it is a surrendering of our so-called rights to follow our King…and what a King He is. To follow anyone or anything outside of Him is spiritual adultery and treason…and will only lead us farther away from Him and deeper into the mire. Liking sports or appreciating acting/singing talent is not sinful in and of itself. But to empower this group to lead us through life makes about as much sense as me going to a plumber to help me with my diabetes. It doesn’t make sense. Just ask Kurt…oh…and make a note. Hollywood said something worth listening to.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read. Appreciate it!

Blessings to you and your family.

Bro Mark

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