Monday Monday…sigh

The Mamas & The Papas forever imprinted our minds with a catchy little tune called “Monday Monday” that we have been humming and performing in our cars when no one is looking since 1966 (I was minus 2 years old in those days!)  A couple of phrases from the song really stick out to me– “Monday Monday…can’t trust that day” and “Every other day of the week is fine.”  For good measure and to make sure no one would forget The Mamas & The Papas sermon, The Bangles brought us “Manic Monday” in 1986…forever sealing Monday’s fate.  It’s a tainted day…and it’s hard to meet a soul who likes them.  And all God’s people said???  🙂

On Monday of this week, I went to Lexington to make a couple of hospital visits.  As I headed out of Monticello, I ran through the drive-thru window of a fast food place for a healthy, homemade, sugar-free, fat-free breakfast that would contain all the vitamins and minerals I would need for the entire day.  The lady smiled as she handed me the bag of sustenance and the mighty Kia did a wheelie down Hwy 90 that would have made Evil Kenevil proud.  I attacked the coffee first…then the healthy hash browns.  I saved the heaven-sent breakfast burrito for last.  (The Bangles and The Ms & Ps were just flat out wrong on this particular Monday)  Once the wheelie was over and I slowed down to the speed of sound, I reached into the bag for the burrito.  It seemed awfully heavy…seriously…it weighed like a 100 lbs.  I quickly discovered the problem.  The burrito was actually a double cheeseburger with enough stuff on it to fill a salad bar at Hometown Buffet.  GROSS…I’m a cheese and ketchup only kinda guy.  Naturally I wanted to blow up not just the restaurant I had just left, but the entire chain.   I couldn’t imagine anyone confusing a “breakfast burrito” with “a double cheeseburger with everything under the sun on it.”  Monday had claimed another victim.

I called our church secretary and voiced my crisis in an effort to subdue my righteous indignation.  We laughed after I got it all out.  She later texted me and reminded me of a spiritual lesson that was laying there in plain sight.  She said the bag was a lot like life…when you stick your hand in it you never know what you will pull out.  (Sounds a bit like Forrest Gump I know…)

The truth is every day has these moments…the uncertainties, the surprises, the curve balls that mess things up.  I’m reminded of a quote a pastor made when I was little…”God gives us opportunities…not obstacles.”  Monday is not a bad day…it’s just another day with opportunities.  When I finally got to Lexington off I-75 a homeless man was standing at the red light holding a “Food Please” sign.  My untouched breakfast surprise was still sitting next to me.  Here was my opportunity.  I rolled my window down and handed the man my unwanted burger.  He was so appreciative I about started crying.  I spent the whole day and much of this week thinking about how things played out.  My breakfast mishap became a blessing for a fellow I didn’t know…and for myself…on a Monday no less.  Psalm 118:24 says, “This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”  This verse has application for all seven days.  Monday is not exempt from being a gift from the LORD like the other six. May God help us to make the most of our days…even Mondays.  Stay Classy Monticello!!!  🙂


3 thoughts on “Monday Monday…sigh

  1. We should all remember everyday is an opportunity to serve our Savior in a big way or something as simple as a double cheese hamburger! Thank you pastor for this reminder.


  2. Reminds me of a time when we ate at King Fish at Jeffersonville, We had left overs in a container and when we came out to our car a man asked if he could have it. I said yes and continued to tell him what was in there. He said I don’t care what is in there, I’m starved. He thanked me and took off down the street.


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