STILL Playing Frogger

In 26 days, I will turn 49 years old.  (That gives you almost a month to get serious about shopping!!)  🙂  I am “officially” a child of the 80’s.  Movies, music, cars, and even clothing from that era still ring fresh in my mind.   Though every decade has its particular inventions and gadgets, the 80’s are rather famous for bringing us into the make-believe world of video games.  In 1981, a company called Konami created a game where a little frog tries to cross traffic and water hazards to get “safely” to the other side.  Of course, I’m referring to the beloved game, Frogger.  Still rated in the Top Ten video games of all time, Frogger hit a sweet spot with the young and the old.  Easy to play with instant gratification and blood-curdling frustration, the game was a home run.  Like most kids my age, I made numerous attempts to beat high score after high score.  Dodging cars and trucks, jumping on the backs of turtles that would sink without much notice, riding logs, avoiding alligators…what was not to love when you’re 13 years old??

Not to play Socrates here, but I really think Frogger had another thing going for it–it pictured how life could feel at times.  Running to and fro, trying not to get overwhelmed, and praying to just stay afloat are things we are all familiar with in this life.  Many many times people have said to me in a counseling setting that they felt like the “little frog in Frogger.”  This is not a church sentiment, it’s a human one.  At times, we all feel ran over, squashed, and sinking…sometimes all of these in a single day.

Today’s video games are much more advanced.  Cheat codes and God-modes are out there to help you sneak through games with better weapons, more strength and supplies, and even more lives.  These are good things to have access to if you can find them.  Frogger didn’t have any…most games didn’t in 1981.  I would have been great at Frogger…if I had just had some help.

My Frogger days are behind me…but I still get up every day and run the gauntlet…just like you.  Some of the things I can see coming right at me…some things I can’t.  Some days seem to go smoothly…some days don’t.  But I keep going.  I’m mindful today that I have something better than a cheat code or a God-mode…I have a real God who knows me, cares for me, and has me in His hand.  He has promised to help me get to “the other side.”  He came to me…for me…I didn’t need to go find a secret code or look for some quick and easy way to cheat to get through life.  Without question we will all have “those days” where we feel like the poor little frog.  On this side of Heaven, we can’t avoid the emotions of a bad day.  But we can celebrate the joy of knowing Who has our days.  Whatever catches us off guard NEVER catches Him off guard.  As Christians, we don’t cheat…we trust…and we WILL reach the other side.  Stay Classy Monticello!!  🙂




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